Where’s Your Happy Place?


Studio ZT is an incredible fitness studio located in Advance, NC. We offer a variety of Zumba® class formats (including Zumba® Step, Zumba® Toning, & Zumba® Gold) and are currently working to add even more. Cardio-Tone or Body Sculpt, anyone?! Come and try out a class today, you’ll be hooked for sure! Our classes are geared to inspire, motivate and encourage you to be the happiest and healthiest version of YOU! Also, your first visit is FREE! 


We are located at 5289 US HWY 158 Advance, NC 27006 Our phone number is 336-251-4929, call us anytime with any questions you may have!


Studio ZT was founded in 2012 by Tracie Poerazaff and Christine Childs, who continue to instruct classes at the studio. Since July of 2015, the studio has been owned and operated by Taylor Daggert. Our team of founders, owner and amazing instructors make our studio unlike any other in the immediate area. There is a welcoming community of individuals ready to laugh, sweat, and smile with you. At Studio ZT, fitness can be more than “working out”– our classes are known to be SAFE, FUN, EFFECTIVE, and ADDICTIVE! Come see for yourself!! 


OUR happy place can be YOUR happy place, too! 

THIS SUNDAY ONLY– Yoga will be held at 2pm (instead of the usual 3). Please feel free to join us for this amazing class, bring your friends and family. This class is a free class, with donations for local charity accepted and given at the end of the month. Call 336-251-4929 with any questions you may have! 

LOVE YOURSELF! Limited-time offer (special ends Friday, February 19)!

Get 3 MONTHS unlimited classes at Studio ZT (now offering 12 classes a week!) for only $90.00!

Save some $$$ and get a really great start on a fitness schedule that fits your life! Studio ZT is a different, more personal experience.

Every class feels like a party, you’ll be hooked in no time! First class is free, so come “try it before you buy it” THIS WEEK! 

Don’t miss out on this fabulous deal! Click on the classes tab- ALL CLASSES to be directed signing up is super-easy and quick. Need help– call 336-251-4929

 Balanced lifestyles are encouraged at Studio ZT:

12 Classes every week! Morning and evening– something to fit anyone’s schedule. You’ll also notice that we have a VARIETY of classes which is designed that way to encourage you to cross-train.

Living a balanced lifestyle can make a huge difference in getting the results you desire, as well as reaching health and wellness goals. Doing ONE type of exercise every day will give you ONE type of results, if you are LUCKY!

If you haven’t tried Zumba® Toning or Zumba® Step, plan to go to the next class! These specialities aren’t offered everywhere, and our classes are designed to be safe, fun and effective. (Maybe even a little addictive!)

Beachbody® classes are offered on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are also GREAT classes for adding variety to your workout schedule! Even if you can’t come every week (i.e. you work during the day), try to come during your vacation or if you take a day off for an appointment, etc.

Consistency, cross-training, and clean(er) eating will do your body and mind well. Make yourself a PRIORITY, you’re so worth it!



Studio ZT: Closed 1/22/16 Due to Inclement Weather


Studio ZT will be closed Friday, 1/22/16 due to snow/ice and unsafe road conditions. Please be certain you are following via “text message alerts” from your cell phone to get instant information when our classes are cancelled/delayed. 


To set up text alerts, simply text the words “follow @ztstudiofitness” to the phone number “40404”. If you do it correctly, you will get two/three messages back immediately! Stay safe!



 CLICK HERE to buy your ticket online before they sell out
Happy 3 YR Anniversary

pictures in flier are of the studio in the black lights

Looking for some resistance training? but need cardio too?
Check out our new class:  CARDIO-TONE
It’s an interval based, 60 minute class that uses high intensity kick-boxing/hip hop songsCardio Tone WEDS to raise cardio, alternated with specific resistance training to give a perfect blend of cardio and muscle toning. Free weights between 1-10lbs are used during the resistance portion and each class includes songs that work major muscle groups that include: biceps, triceps, quads, gluts, shoulders, chest, upper back and lower back, abductor (outter thigh), adductor (inner thigh) as11059943_830340960382024_4502035952379901723_n
well as core:  planks, burpees, wall squats, etc. This is not a dance class –  the high energy from the kick-boxing/hip hop songs are controlled and very
specific in targeting leg and arm movements that will challenge and raise your cardio. Every song is choreographed to target cardio or a muscle group. It’s the MOST fun you’ll have getting in both your cardio AND your weight training. Because we use lighter weights and more reps, we build longer, leaner muscle as opposed to a thick bulky muscle. It’s perfect for women who are wanting to add resistance training. 
Loretta hosts B1, B2 Trainings at Studio ZT. To find out dates and details go to www.ZUMBA.comimages-6 images-5

Loretta was last here for B1 on May 3, 2015

Every 3-4 months Studio ZT blacks out the studio for a GLOW PARTY that is out of sight!  Go to our Events tab to see pix and video. It’s a night out you won’t forget. Our glow parties usually sell out in advance and are limited to 50. The next one is scheduled for Saturday, May 30, 7-8:30pm
images-11On Feb 1, 2013 Studio ZT in conjunction with Cheryl Lindsay – the Go Red Foundation, Mayor Joines, the Winston Salem Forsyth County School system and local ZES Renne Grace Pickett, ZJErica Dixon and award winning hip-hop artist Jonathan Barnes, broke the Guinness Book of world Records for the largest ZUMBATOMIC® (Zumba Kids®) class.  
The staff at Studio ZT had the opportunity to choreograph and lead this event in which 1,121 fourth/fifth graders danced for 30 consecutive minutes, making history and putting Winston Salem in the record books!